About Us

Welcome to the Groom Room! We strive to provide only the best in Holistic pet care and top of the line grooming for your pet. We have been in business since 2004 and are the busiest place in town! Our groomers come with the most experience that you will find in this area and we are proud of that. We compete in styling competitions and are constantly learning new concepts and perfecting our craft.

Our apprentices have extensive bathing backgrounds and are knowledgeable about coat types, carding, undercoat and dematting secrets. Everyone looks forward to attending seminars and furthering their education. Apprentice positions are also available. Feel free to call us and find out more about this exciting career!

Stop in and ask our knowledgeable employees about holistic food and treats, as well. Holistic food is an easy way to promote your pet's health. Dogs and cats can benefit from just a simple change in their life...their food.