Groom Room LaPlata MD
by Linda Sega
My 3 dogs go to the Groom Room monthly. They come home looking and smelling lovely. One of my dogs is very highstrung and not comfortable with most people. His grooomer, Steph, loves him and Forrest loves her. Everyone at the Grooom Room likes my dogs, and I like them. Laura, the owner, keeps the prices affordable, too.

"Beautiful Haircut"
by Leann
We sent an updated puppy pic to our breeder after Max's first haircut at 4 mos., and the breeder responded, "Beautiful Haircut." Max was the cutest little buddy ever when he came out of your shop. Thank you, and see you next time!
Always awesome
by Elaan
First time Aspen has visited but she will definitely be a repeat customer. Bathing and cutting a long-hair GSD is not easy but Stephanie did a phenomenal job. The entire staff were very friendly and I felt comfortable leaving my best friend in their kind care. Thank you Groom Room!
Superb customer service and great work!
by Hal
I love the groom room I love our specific groomer. My dog is a handful so I know she doesn't have an easy job but he always comes back to me happy and gorgeous. I initially used an animal clinic for his first grooming and although, I can't prove it but I know they sedated him. At groom room I was assured this is never something that they do so, I've been going ever since. Do your sweet baby a favor and book him/ her a spa day at Groom Room!
As always, BEAUTIFUL
by Mikie
As always, BEAUTIFUL! Not shwnoig Cory though, he will start rallying for a girl:) She is precious and you took amazing shots of her. I am in fear for the next time you shoot Chance, he's become quite the little monster:)
Great Job, Katie
We recently became new owners to a Pug. We took her to the Groom Room because of the special attention Pugs require. Katie did a fantastic job with my little baby, then even prettied her up more with a bandana. I take Indy there for everything now. The fact that she loves a car ride makes it easy, too. Hope you come back soon, Katie, Indy misses you!! Thanks again!!
Rudy loves his groomers
by Beverly
I've been taking my Rudy (Staffy) mix for over 2 years about every six week and they are great. He loves the place so much that he runs right into the back grooming place when I bring him there and once I was dropping stuff off at the Hooks and Hangers right down from them, he recognized where he was and jumped out my truck and ran right to their door wanting in. So-oo you know they've got to be good if your dog voluntarily runs to their door to go see them.
Awesome job!
by Erika
My dog was traumatized at Petco in La Plata. I took Rudy, my 2 year old cockapoo to the groom room and he was so happy when we left. Completely different dog! He looked and smelled GREAT!! I recommend Groom Room to everyone I know who has pets!
Great Groomer!
by The Schmelzers
We took our Golden Retriever Angel to the groom room today for the first time. All we can say is WOW! The Groom Room did a fantastic job and we will be regular customers from this point forward. Angel looked like a new dog! Extremely happy customers.
Groom Room is great!
by Debra
9/20 was my first visit, I have two dogs, a toy poodle and a bichon, everyone was so friendly and nice, they took the time to understand exactly what I wanted done. Laura did an excellent job. I've already scheduled my next appointment. The Groom Room is the place to go!
I love the Groom Room!
by Kaya
Yes indeed I do love that MOBILE SERVICE!
What a wonderful place...
by Sarah
I really am happy I get to work here. What a fun place to be! :-)
The Best
by Tinka
Me & Sophie LOVE the GroomRoom :)
Love the Groom Room
by Lauren
I have never loved working at a place more than the Groom Room! I love every second of every day caring for all of our wonderful clients!
The Best
by Karen
My dog needs special care when being groomed. I would never trust her with anyone other than the Groom Room. Thank you for all you do!
Ginger's Family
by Ginger's Mom
Ginger absolutely LOVES Laura and enjoys her visits to the Groom Room. We would not take Ginger anywhere else ever!!!! The Groom Room is by far the most professional, loving and caring groomer in the area!!!
Mac Kokoe & Kobey
by Stella Murray
All Luv the Groom room !
by Laurie Gozzi
Miss Laura did a fabulous job on my two poms with her mobile groom room! They went from scraggly to show dogs!!! I am so impressed! I will not use any other groomer for my babies! They looked even better than I could ever have imagined! AWESOME JOB, LAURA! Thanks again from The Gozzi Family (including Rusty, Marley and Rocky!!)